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Department of Ocean Engineering, Shenyang Institute of Automation
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   The Department of Ocean Engineering, Shenyang Institute of Technology (SIA-DOE), is mainly engaged in fundamental research and technology advancement centered in oceanic applications, including the development and commercialization of instruments, technical support of maritime operations, and providing marine engineering services, etc. The Department of Ocean Engineering stems out of the first underwater robot technology research and development program in China and has accumulated prominent historical records, including a number of technological innovations in China. The research achievements have gained numerous provincial and national awards for science and technology, including the Science and Technology Progress Award (First Class) by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National Science and Technology Progress Award (First Class) by the Chinese government.

   Current research and development activities are organized around the following themes: rescue and salvage equipments, marine resources exploration, deepwater oil and gas engineering, marine scientific research, and other marine applications. Series of marine equipments have been successfully developed and are maintained in operable condition, including ROVs, autonomous/remote hybrid ROVs, underwater gliders, undersea observation networking devices, underwater manipulators, and other underwater equipments. SIA-DOE hosts more than fifty researchers and staff members, among them are seven full professors and two visiting professors from overseas, and three qualified doctoral supervisors.

Underwater Trencher (Trenching ROV)

Light-duty task ROV

Heavy-duty mission ROV

Control System for Manned Submersible (JiaoLong)

Arctic Autonomous/Remote Vehicle (Arctic ARV)

Observation oriented Autonomous/Remote Vehicle (ARV-A)

Underwater Glider (Sea-Wing Glider)

Seafloor observatory network

Underwater 7DOF manipulator

Series of Watertight connectors

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