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Radar Application Technology Department
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   Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), Chinese Academy of Sciences is the prime research institute in the field of Chinese automation technologies. Since SIA is founded, SIA has made a number of achievements with independent intellectual property and international levels in areas such as robotics, optical information processing and industrial automation. SIA has become the famous leader of national research and development base.

   SIA radar application technology department has been engaged in radar signal processing, image processing, embedded systems, and design and engineering application of high speed data collecting and processing system for a long time. We have an experienced team of scientific research, and our products have been widely used in the traffics, security, food, tobacco and other areas.

   Radar application technology department focuses on microwave and millimeter wave radar for high performance design and technology, mainly related to automobile safety radar, traffic radar, vehicle speed monitoring radar, intrusion line trigger radar, gate monitoring radar, traffic incident detection radar, construction vehicles reverse radar, surveillance radar, industry ranging radar, Millimeter-wave imaging of stealth detection radar etc..

Radar Application Technology Department


Radar series products ( ):

  • SIAVDR-N narrow beam speed measuring radar
  • SIAVDR-N-S  narrow beam measuring speed radar
  • SIAVDR-N Dynamic Speed Radar    SIAVDR-N1/SIAVDR-N-S1
  • SIAVDR-W  wide beam measuring speed radar
  • SIAITR Intrusion Line Detection Radar“global hawk”
  • SIATFR traffic statistic radar
  • SIATPR-A Reverse Radar  
  • SIATDR-A: Tunnel Detection Radar
  • SIASPR Security Radar
  • SIAACR Car Radar


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