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A Flexible Force Tactile Sensor Array
Author: Update times: 2020-12-31                          | Print | Close | Text Size: A A A

Array tactile sensors have special importance for human-machine interaction (HMI) and electronic palpation. As an ideal method for biological information detection in HMI or electronic palpation, flexible resistance film sensors have attained extensive attention. In this paper, we designed an array tactile sensor system that can be used for contacting force measuring. First, a radial artery pulse detection experiment based on a single-point tactile sensor whose sensing material was the same as that of the array sensor was carried out, and the detection result was different in different detection locations. Based on the results of radial artery pulse detection, the equipotential shielding method and the uCOS real-time operating system, an array tactile sensor system that can be used in robot electronic palpation was designed.

This study is published in 10th IEEE International Conference on CYBER Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent System.


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