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2020 International Workshop on (Sub)mmW Components, Measurement and Applications
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Millimeter and sub-millimeter (THz) technologies have become popular topics in scientific research during the last two decades, thanks to the developments of material, semiconductor, micro-fabrication and photonic technologies. The latest scientific advances in millimeter and THz technologies have begun to speed up the use of modern technologies for our daily life, such as 5G communications, public security, etc. Scientists have blueprinted a bright future for using millimeter and THz technologies. However, much research still needs to be accomplished to make it an affordable technique for our community.


The 2020 International Workshop on (Sub)mmW Components, Measurement and Applications will be held online during Aug.10th to 11th 2020. The workshop will focus on millimeter and THz technologies. Topics will include:


1. Fundamental components, including photonic and electronic source & detector

2. Applications of millimeter and THz technologies in imaging and biomedical sensing

3. Antenna measurement and on-chip measurements & modeling.



China Ordnance Society

Beijing Institute of Technology

Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences



10th Aug. 2020 14:00~17:20 Beijing Time

11th Aug. 2020 14:00~17:20 Beijing Time



After successful registration, the participant will receive a registration email with a personal link to watch the live broadcast. (Note: The viewing link is a personal link and cannot be Shared with others)


Important Dates:

Early Registration End  0:00 AM Beijing Time,4th Aug. 2020 

Registration End  5:00 PM Beijing Time, 11th Aug. 2020




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