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Report given by Professor Michael Pecht from University of Maryland
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Reporter: Professr Michael Pecht from University of Maryland

Title: Prognostics and Systems Health Management within the Internet of Things

Time: from 09:30AM, March 12th, 2015

Venue: Conference Room 811, Building A, Shenyang Institute of Automation, CAS


Prognostics and health management is a method within the concepts of the Internet of Things, that permits the assessment of a system under its actual application conditions. It integrates sensor data with models that enable in-situ assessment of the health (e.g. deviation or degradation) of a system from an expected normal operating condition and also predicts the future state of the system based on current and historic conditions. This presentation discusses some methods used for anomaly detection and prognostics, including the monitoring and reasoning of parameters that are precursors to impending failure, such as shifts in performance parameters; and the modeling of stress and damage utilizing life cycle loads (e.g., usage, temperature, vibration, radiation). Examples of implementation methods and results are given.

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