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Prof. Humid Sharif Awarded CAS Visiting Professor
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Prof. Humid Sharif from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln was awarded Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Visiting Professorships for Senior International Scientists (CAS Visiting Professor) in Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), CAS, on June 20, 2012. Prof. Yu Haibin, director of SIA, attended the ceremony and delivered the CAS Visiting Professorship Certificate to Prof. Sharif. During the visit, Prof. Sharif made a series of reports named “Security Approaches for Wireless Sensor Networks in Body Area Networks”, “Multimedia Security and Systematic Removal of Hidden Information” and “Wireless Sensor Networks in North America’s Railroads” respectively.

From the School of Computer & Electronics Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Prof. Sharif is the director of Advanced Telecommunications Engineering Laboratory (TEL) and a Charles J. Vranek Professor. His research areas include wireless communication protocol, wireless communication network security, multi-media transmission network security, wireless sensor network and its system modeling and performance evaluation, etc. So far, Prof. Sharif has obtained project support from the US National Science Foundation, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, and Department of Energy of the United States, and has published over 200 papers for conferences and periodicals.

The aim of the CAS Visiting Professorships Program is to enhance the science & technology innovation capacity of CAS institutes by inviting accomplished researchers from overseas to participate in research in CAS with the hope of strengthening the cooperation and exchange between CAS institutes and international research institutions and universities. According to the program, 100 outstanding overseas scholars are invited to visit and work at CAS institutes annually. (Dai Tianjiao)

Prof. Yu Haibin (second from right), conferred the CAS Visiting Professorship Certificate to Prof. Humid Sharif (second from left). (Image/SIA)


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