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IFARM 2020 held in SIA
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Group photo

The main venue

With the theme of research on advanced robotics and mechanism in the post-pandemic era, IFARM 2020 commenced in Shenyang, China, attracting nearly 3,000 participants both online and offline. During the forum, 8 experts from different fields made keynote speeches.

The forum was co-hosted by International Federation of Robotics (IFR) and International Research Centre for Advanced Robotics & Mechanism (IRCARM).

Haibin Yu delivered opening speech

Haibin Yu, Co-chair of IFARM 2020, director of Shenyang Institute of Automation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and director of IRCARM delivered an opening speech. Driven by emerging technologies such as AI, big data and block chain, robotics has gradually developed towards intelligence, networking, and collaboration. In post-epidemic era, theories of robotics and mechanism will meet new development trends under new circumstance, according to Yu. He also expressed the expectation of more in-depth international exchanges and cooperation.

China has become the world’s largest market for industrial robotics and the fastest-growing market worldwide, according to IFR. As the first international forum of IFR on robot and mechanism, IFARM 2020 will set up a channel for international scholars to conduct academic exchanges and cooperation in robotics and mechanism, and become a world-known flagship event, according to Alexander Verl, Co-chair of IFARM 2020 and Chairman of the Research Committee of the IFR

Tianran Wang made a speech

Tianran Wang, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) made a speech titled Industrial Robots in China: Present and Future.


Alexander Verl made an online speech

Alexander Verl, Professor of University of Stuttgart, Germany, Chairman of the Research Committee of the IFR made a speech on Quo Vadis-Industrial Robotics.


Jiansheng Dai made a speech

Jiansheng Dai, Professor of King’s College London in United Kingdom made a speech titled Kinematics in Robotics, Entailing Metamorphic and Reconfigurable Mechanisms.


Shuo Li made a speech

Shuo Li, Researcher and Deputy Director of SIA made a speech on Development and Application of Pedigree Underwater Robots.


Sunil Agrawal made an online speech

Sunil Agrawal, Professor of Columbia University in the United States, made a speech on Robotics to Characterize, Restrain and Restore Human Movements.


Shugen Ma made an online speech

Shugen Ma, Professor of Ritsumeikan University in Japan made a speech titled In-pipe Robots for Inspection of pipelines.


Hongguang Wang made a speech

Hongguang Wang, Researcher and Deputy Director of the Process Equipment and Intelligent Robot Research Office of SIA made a speech on Research and Application on AApe Series Electric Power Robots.


Fang Xu made an online speech

Fang Xu, Vice President of Shenyang SIASUN Robot & Automation Co., Ltd made a speech titled Recent Progress of Vacuum Robot Research and Development.

The IFR was established as a non-profit organization in 1987. The federation aims at promoting the positive benefits of robots for productivity, competitiveness, economic growth and quality of work and life. The general purpose of the IFR is to promote research, development, use and international co-operation in the entire field of robotics, to act as a focal point for organizations and governmental representatives in activities related to robotics.


International Research Center for Advanced Robotics and Mechanism unveiled overseas in 2017

IRCARM was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and became a national-level international cooperation base in 2016. It was jointly recommended by the Chinese Embassy in the UK and the Liaoning Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Focusing on the cutting-edge technologies in the field of robotics and mechanism, IRCARM aims at promoting and conducting international cooperation on basic theories, common technologies and engineering applications of intelligent service robots, solving major scientific and technological issues that hindered the robotics development in China.

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