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SIASUN robots shine in world robot conference 2019
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Exhibition booth of SIASUM (Image by SIASUN)

During the World Robot Conference 2019 (WRC2019) held in Beijing, SIASUN Robot & Automation Co Ltd (SIASUN) showcased more than ten different types of its most advanced robots including collaborative robots, special robots, industrial robotsand medical care robots.

Through closer observation and real-life interaction, people got to know how these robots can help people accomplish a difficult task and make people’s lives easier.


SIASUN GCR20-1100: the latest payload collaborative robot (Cobot) (Image by SIASUN)

SIASUN GCR20-1100 is the latest Cobot product with many advantages such as collaborative safety, high payload and low power consumption. It can realize intelligent control and test as well as do many sophisticated works during production process.


5G automated inspection robot (Image by SIASUN)

SIASUN 5G automated inspection robot is an intelligent and fully automated inspection robot which is able to recognize and track the people and realize real-time transmission of the information during autonomous patrolling of protected areas. Taking advantage of the eMBB and uRLLC of 5G and self-developed technologies of SIASUN such as SLAM navigation, obstacle avoidance, and remote interaction, the robot becomes more intelligent and modularized with rich interface.


Service robot (Image by SIASUN)

SIASUN robot for government services is designed with functions including human-computer interaction, facial recognition, autonomous navigation, autonomous charging and a customized user interface. The robot is used in the service center for counselling, reception, information inquiry, etc., with peripheral devices such as camera, high performance touch screen, ID Card reader and thermal printer.

Since its establishment in 2000, SIASUN has been committed to developing key technologies to strengthen the core competitiveness in the world. It delivers products with reliability and robustness that meet high quality standards. Many key components of the robot use domestically-made products.

During the China International Industry Fair (CIIF) held in Shanghai from September 17 to 21, 2019, SIASUN will roll out its latest industrial software and control platforms which play important roles in intelligent manufacturing.

Themed “Intelligent Ecosystem for a New Open Era”, WRC2019 attracted over 180 robot enterprises at home and abroad. The six-day conference aims to build a platform for communication and cooperation in robotics worldwide.

SIASUN, affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a leading robotics enterprise in China. Its mobile robots gave a dazzling performance in the eight-minute high-tech show at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

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