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ICIRA 2019 commenced in Shenyang
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The 12th International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Applications (ICIRA 2019) was held during August 8th to 11th, 2019 in Shenyang, bringing together over 600 experts and engineers in the field of robotics to discuss on the research and applications of robotics, automation, mechatronics, etc. 

The opening ceremony of ICIRA 2019

ICIRA was hosted by Shenyang Institute of Automation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIACAS), and the State Key Laboratory of Robotics, co-hosted by Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong Univeristy and University of Portsmouth. It was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Springer, and financially supported by Shenyang Association of Science and Technology.

Professor Jinguo Liu, Program Chair of ICIRA2019 presided over the opening ceremony. Professor Haibin Yu, director of SIACAS and State Key Laboratory of Robotics and General Chair of ICIRA 2019 delivered opening speech. Zhifeng Wu, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group of the Shenyang Association of Science and Technology gave a speech at the opening ceremony.

Professor I-Ming Chen from Nanyang Technological University, Professor Etienne Burdet from Imperial College London, Professor Fumihito Arai from Nagoya University, Academician Huayong Yang from Zhejiang University, Professor Xingjian Jing from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Professor Aiguo Song from Southeast University successively delivered planetary talks at the conference.  

Professor I-Ming Chen delivered planetary talk

Professor Etienne Burdet delievered planetary talk

Fumihito Arai delivered planetary talk

Professor Huayong Yang delivered planetary talk

Professor Xingjian Jing delivered planetary talk

Professor Aiguo Song delivered planetary talk

After strict peer reviews, over 380 papers were indexed by the conference, with 220 oral presentations and 160 poster presentations. Topics of the papers include swarm robot, mobile robot, marine robot, flying and aerospace robot, robotic manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, human-machine interaction, robotic vision, VR and AR, etc. The results of Best Paper Award in Robotics, Best Paper Award in Applications and Best Student Paper Award were announced during the conference. Academician Han Ding from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor Haibin Yu and Professor Jinguo Liu gave the certificates to the winners.


Professor Han Ding passed the certificate to the winner of Best Paper in Applications

Professor Haibin Yu passed the certificate to the winner of Best Paper in Robotics

Professor Jinguo Liu passed the certificate to the winner of Best Student Paper

To attract overseas talents, a recruitment talk was held during the ICIRA 2019. Chuan Zhou, director of the Human Resources and Education Department of SIACAS gave a introduction of overseas talent programs and policies of CAS and SIACAS.


Overseas talent recruitment talk during ICIRA 2019

The ICIRA is an important annual conference in the field of intelligent robot. It has been held in China, Singapore, Germany, Canada, South Korea, United Kindom, Japan and Australia, and so on.


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