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China’s self-developed WIA-FA wireless equipment received FCC certification
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FCC Certification (Photo by SIA)

Recently, WIA-FA wireless equipment developed by Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), Chinese Academy of Sciences has received the FCC certification issued by the United States, laying solid foundations for promoting the equipment into the US market.


Being a core technology in industrial internet of things, WIA-FA (which stands for Wireless networks for Industrial Automation-Factory), is an important enabling technology to realize online reconfiguration of automated production lines in factory. Previously, WIA-FA has obtained the CE certification and ROHS certification issued by the European Union in November 2017, and the Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate issued by China SRRC in October 2016.


The FCC regulates the authorization and management of radio-frequency transmission devices and equipment that are not used by federal governments. FCC certification is required for all electronic products entering the United States, including computers, fax machines, electronic devices, radio receiving and transmission equipment, and other products that may harm personnel safety. The products can only be approved after going through a series of tests and analysis implemented by government-authorized laboratories, according to FCC technical standards.


The FCC certification for WIA-FA equipment can be mainly attributed to the knowledge accumulations and technical reserves in SIA, especially in the area of electromagnetic compatibility design. WIA-FA equipment are able to meet the domestic and international standards in terms of product safety, material safety, electromagnetic compatibility hardware design, etc. The certification could pave the way for the future WIA-FA product promotion to the US market.



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