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SIACAS and SAP jointly release collaborative manufacturing solution of edge computing and cloud platform
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The model line based on collaborative manufacturing solution of edge computing and cloud platform. ( Image by SIACAS)

Under traditional mass production scenario, mechanical structure, industrial network and IT management software are designed and allocated according to set products. Therefore, when designs of the products go through changes during manufacturing process, the manufacturing system cannot rapidly adjust itself according to the modification, and transformation of the manufacturing system will cost high for manufacturers. The age of mass customized production calls for more flexible production mode.

In order to solve this problem, researchers from Shenyang Institute of Automation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIACAS) and SAP, a German company specializes in enterprise application software jointly developed a “smarter” manufacturing solution combining edge computing technology and cloud platform. The collaborative manufacturing solution can significantly improve manufacturing efficiency during mass customized production process. This smart solution is based on close cooperation between SIACAS and SAP during these years and is a combination of the ThingOrigin platform of SIACAS and the digital supply chain and manufacturing solution of SAP. This progress was released by SIACAS and SAP during a press conference in Shenyang, on March 20th, 2019.

By adopting the world-leading modular production concept, a traditional manufacturing system is divided into modular units. Wireless and flexible decoupling control can be realized via the WIA industrial wireless technology and industrial software defined network technology developed by SIACAS. Robotic equipment of the manufacturing system such as manipulators can operate smartly and independently with the help of the edge controller and integrated artificial intelligence algorithm on the ThingOrigin platform. Then, flexible control software on the ThingOrigin platform will lead to the reconstruction of the manufacturing steps, driving the self-adaptive reconstruction of the divided modular units. Cost can be cut significantly and adjustment time shortened under the new mode.

Functions of workshop warehousing management and cloud sales management are also added to the solution, to fully realize end to end business management, so that clients can track the status of the orders for the whole course.

SIACAS and SAP jointly developed China’s first Industrial 4.0 Interconnection Intelligent Manufacturing Solution in 2016, which was listed among the 15 World Internet Leading Technological Achievements during the third World Internet Conference in 2016. (SIACAS)


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