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Professor Liu Wenxin from New Mexico State University Visited SIA
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Professor Liu Wwenxin from the Electrical Engineering Department of New Mexico State University in the United States visited Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on May 21st, 2013. He made a report on Distributed Operation and Control of Smart Grid for SIA researchers and students.

In his report, Liu introduced the latest research progress on intelligent microgrid and in the field of control and optimization. He came about a series of distributed new algorithm, which can be applied in load management, new energy integration, active and reactive power control and optimal resource allocation, etc.

During his visit, Liu made discussion with Zeng Peng, director of the Industrial Control Network and Systems Department on issues of microgrid such as distributed control, experiment platform establishment and simulation system development, as well as jointly cultivating students.

Liu focuses on the research on the operation, control theory and application of smart grid, and has published over 50 papers on high level periodicals and international conferences. He has independently obtained research fund of more than 1.2 million USD from US National Science Foundation, California Energy Commission, etc. Liu established an experimental platform made up of several blowers and photovoltaic generators, with Power Hardware-In-the-Loop real-time simulation ability. It is said, this platform is by far one of the most advanced electric power system experimental platforms in American colleges.

Source: Industrial Control Network and Systems Department

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