Research Progress
New Correlative AFM and Scanning Microlens Microscopy for Time-Efficient Multiscale Imaging
New Correlative AFM and Scanning...
  With the rapid evolution of microelectronics and nanofabrication technologies, the critical feature sizes of large-sc...
Researchers propose new design perspective for more efficient manufacturing system
Researchers propose new design p...
  Zeng's team proposed a codesign method that considers the design spaces of architecture, control and scheduling as mo...
Chinese Scientists Develop Highly-sensitive Mid-infrared Detection via BGSe Crystal
Chinese Scientists Develop Highl...
  Experimental studies have been implemented and in case of ns-pulse detection, such a system is at least 100 times mor...
Winter Olympics fosters new growth points of China's... 2022-03-17
Winter Olympics fosters new growth points of China's economy Two curling stone-shaped robots extended their arms beneath the surface of the water, each bearing an Olympic torch, as the flame was passed from one to the other.
CAS-developed robots perform first underwater torch ... 2022-03-17
CAS-developed robots perform first underwater torch relay in Olympic history The torchbearer passed the flame to the first robot, which is designed like a curling stone and is capable of functioning both on land and in water, and the amphibious device glided along the curli...
WIA-NR: Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication for... 2021-12-31
WIA-NR: Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication for Industrial Wireless Control Networks over Unlicensed Bands With the deep integration of information, communication and operation technologies, industrial wireless control networks (IWCNs) are playing key roles to drive industrial revolution. This article p...
Chinese submersible explores deepest region of Earth 2021-10-13
Chinese submersible explores deepest region of Earth The Haidou-1 has broken several world records for unmanned submersibles, including a diving depth of 10,908 meters, continuous operating time of more than eight hours and near-the-seabed navigation...
Int`l Cooperation News
New method helps keep an eye on electromagnetic coil... 2020-07-07
RF chain reduction for wireless MIMO communication s... 2020-04-10
Novel deep reinforcement learning based control syst... 2020-03-17
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