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Reducing self-absorption effect by double-pulse combination in laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author: Update times: 2021-12-20                          | Print | Close | Text Size: A A A

The method of double-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy is usually employed to enhance the spectral signal intensity. However, in this study, double-pulse laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy is adopted to investigate the effect of the self-absorption reduction of the spectrum. This research explored that the influence of the change of the gas environment generated by the first laser beam on the self-absorption effect of the plasma spectrum by the second laser beam. Especially despite the different combinations of laser energy, for the three elements of Cu, Mn and Ni, the weakest spectral self-absorption effect can be obtained when the double-pulse delays are around 80 μs, 100 μs, and 110 μs, respectively. In addition, this paper also found that when the energy of the first laser beam is unchanged, the spectral self-absorption effect has a strong correlation with the double-pulse delay, and has a weak correlation with the change of the second laser energy.


This work is published on Microchemical Journal 172(2022):1-8.

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