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H2/H∞ control for grid-feeding converter considering system uncertainty
Author: Update times: 2017-12-07                          | Print | Close | Text Size: A A A
Three-phase grid-feeding converters are key components to integrate distributed generation and renewable power sources to the power utility. Conventionally, proportional integral and proportional resonant-based control strategies are applied to control the output power or current of a GFC. But, those control strategies have poor transient performance and are not robust against uncertainties and volatilities in the system. This paper proposes a H2/H∞-based control strategy, which can mitigate the above restrictions. The uncertainty and disturbance are included to formulate the GFC system state-space model, making it more accurate to reflect the practical system conditions. The paper uses a convex optimisation method to design the H2/H∞-based optimal controller. Instead of using a guess-and-check method, the paper uses particle swarm optimisation to search a H2/H∞optimal controller. Several case studies implemented by both simulation and experiment can verify the superiority of the proposed control strategy than the traditional PI control methods especially under dynamic and variable system conditions.


This work was published on International Journal of Electronics,2017,104(5):775-791.titled H2/H∞ control for grid-feeding converter considering system uncertainty.


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