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Independent 4WD All-terrain EOD Robot Comes to Birth
Update time: 2012-09-13
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Recently, a new independent 4WD all-terrain EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) robot, which can conduct long distance observation, object carrying and disposal in field environment, was developed by Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

The new independent 4WD all-terrain EOD robot is the technological integration of computer, sensor, driving, remote communication and weapon control. It consists of robot body, control panel, accessory toolbox, carrying vehicle and stereo HMDs (head mounted displays), etc., and is used mainly in field environment, doing long-distance observation, objects carrying and disposal. To some extent, it can replace human beings, so that the hazard faced by staff can be reduced. The EOD robot can work normally in no lower than minus 20 degrees Celsius, and can move normally in weeds, gobi deserts, sands, firm ground and snow, etc.

Based on existing technological platform, SIA researchers made further improvement and escalation for the EOD robot according to users’ demands. The new operation system demonstrates higher flexibility, higher efficiency and higher reliability. Incorporating several accurate sensors, the robot’s integrated intelligent operation helmet is able to perform stereo video monitoring, head-eye tracking and hand-eye servo, etc.

The EOD robot is equipped with a master slave manipulator. Relying on the latest fly the head technology, the pose, location and speed of the end of the manipulator can be controlled directly by using 4 DOF (degree of freedom) snake-like flight rocker. Users only need to push the rocker at any direction and any rate to control the move of the robot. The manipulator can grasp object of 35kg when extended to the largest degree. The robot can reach IP55, with a fording height of 55cm.

The independent 4WD all-terrain EOD robot has gone through test recently and been delivered to the user.  (Dai Tianjiao)



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