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Digital Factory Department
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The Digital Factory Department has been engaged in the research on the basic theories and applications of digitalization and intelligent manufacturing technology. It is one of the earliest technical teams committing to research, development and deployment of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (CIMS) in China. The main research fields are management, process, control and integration of the digital intelligent manufacture. It has ,made great achievements in the theory and method of production operation management research, the digital factory (workshop) plan and design, the manufacturing execution system(MES) technology, the advanced digital control technology, the advanced plan and schedule, the manufacturing process modeling, the simulation and performance evaluation, the quality of products and equipment fault diagnosis technology . It has developed special technology, industry solutions and products in the MES platform, the MES application software, the intelligent data processing platform, the perceived control and industrial mobile application, and has won sound reputation both at home and aboard in the areas of automobile, tobacco, Non-ferrous metallurgy, military and semiconductor industry, etc.. Meanwhile, The CIMS System Integration Technology Laboratory of the National High-Tech Program (863 program) and Manufacture Information Engineering (MIE) Centre of Liaoning Province were established in the department.

The department has built up close academic exchange and long-term cooperative relationships with universities and institutes from US, Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong SAR. The department also establishes sound cooperative relationships with oversea enterprises in the area of technical, development, application and marketing, having cooperated and has established Manufacturing Execution System Technology Laboratory with GE Company. In recent 5 years, more than 60 projects have been accomplished including National Key Projects, National Natural Science Foundation of China, the National High-Tech R&D Program (863 Program), National Key Technology Program, Knowledge Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, cooperation projects between CAS and local governments, provincial and municipal science and technology plan projects, and enterprise-entrusted projects, etc.. Furthermore, more than 40 patents and software copyrights have been registered. 

The major research directions

l  Research on theories and method of operations management

n  Research on the method system of manufacturing process management and optimization control

n  Research on the Manufacturing process analysis and manufacturing system performance evaluation  method

n  Manufacturing process modeling and simulation technology

n  Advanced planning and scheduling technology

l  Manufacturing Execution System(MES) Technology

n  Research on MES standards and industry model

n  MES development and execution platform

n  MES applications software for different industries

n  MES Integrated solutions

n  Digital factory (workshop) planning and design

l   Intelligent information processing technology

n  Data mining and association analysis method

n  Statistical process control and prediction technology

n  Applied research on big data handling technology in the manufacturing industry

n  Expert system technology on the Mobile application

n  Data fusion technology and information handling platform in the digital environment

l   Automation technology

n  Digitization equipment design and development

n  Digitalization and intelligent control system design and development

n  Research and application of equipment data collection, processing and network control on production line

n  Integrated solutions of automation system for different industries

l   Sensing detection technology

n  Rotating machinery vibration noise detection technology

n  Equipment failure diagnosis and preventive maintenance technology

n  Wireless location technology

n   Machine vision detection technology

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