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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Technology Department
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The Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Technology Department (AUVTD) specializes in scientific research, engineering application, product design and technical service of autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV). Now it is the only research center in China that is capable of producing a series of AUV products and providing various underwater engineering services to domestic customers. The department has been ranked first in many areas of China's AUV domain. The research results obtained a number of awards, such as National Science and Technology Progress Award and Chinese Academy of science and Technology Progress Award. The research team has incomparable advantages with high visibility, rich experience and comprehensive technology. The produced AUVs was widely used in seabed mineral resources survey, ocean environment observation and other fields, and made an important contribution for China’s marine science, marine engineering and national security.

Main Research Areas

l  Theories of unmanned marine vehicle

Ø Cognition and modeling of complex environment

Ø Advanced intelligence and autonomous behavior

Ø Roboticized and intelligentized technology of complex load

Ø New concepts for vehicle unit

l  Key technologies of unmanned marine vehicle

Ø The platform technologies

² The integrated design methods

² Multidisciplinary design optimization methods

² Hydrodynamics numerical calculation and prediction methods

² Structural mechanics analysis and mechanism dynamics modeling

Ø  Control technologies

² The general software architecture and components

² The hardware-in-the-loop or numerical simulation technologies

² The remote monitoring and detection technologies

²  Autonomous decision and control technologies

l  Engineering design and application of unmanned marine vehicle

Ø  Deep-sea AUV

Ø  Long-range AUV

Ø  Oceanographic observing AUV

Ø  Integrated surveying AUV

Ø  Unmanned Surface VehicleUSV

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