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Equipment Manufacturing Technology Department
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Nowadays, with advanced manufacturing technology leaning towards digitization and high precision, the department is engaged in the development of “High-performance laser advanced manufacturing technique and equipment”, “Digitalized processing and precision measurement technique and equipment for large complex surface”, “Robotized equipment”, etc, as well as the R&D of new manufacturing equipment, by taking full advantage of its accumulation in laser welding technology, mechanism, rapid prototyping technique, NC machining, grinding and polishing of complex surface, and precision measurement technology, etc,

In accordance with the national major strategy in developing the equipment manufacturing industry, the department insists on the combination of applied fundamental research and high technology development, the combination of high technology development and achievement promotion. So far, it has undertaken and completed projects sponsored by the National Key Basic Research Program (the National 973 Program), the National Key and Special Projects, the High-tech R&D Program of China (the 863 Program), the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the CAS Knowledge Innovation Program, the National Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), and local government programs on science and technology.  

The department has established sound cooperation relationships with well-known research institutes and large-scale enterprises in Japan, Canada, Germany, and Hong Kong SAR, etc. Meanwhile, it takes an active part in the cooperation between the CAS and the local governments. In addition, the department is the supporting institution of the SIA-IHI Joint R&D Center, the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center of Liaoning Province, Shenyang Rapid Prototyping Technology Center, Shenyang Advanced Equipment Research and Design Center, etc.


Main Research Areas

l        Key technology research and demonstration application of the complete equipment for automatic laser welding tailored blanks

l        Large-scale complete equipment of laser welding stainless steel blank

l        Research and development of laser cutting machine for PCB

l        Seam-tracking and inspection system for laser welding

l        Quality control method for automatic laser tailor welding

l        Welding seam control method for laser tailor welding

l        Simulation test system for lunar surface detector under 1/6g low gravity environment

l        Docking performance test bed for weak collision docking mechanism

l        Three-branch 5-DOF parallel laser welding robot mechanisms with compound drive

l        Design and manufacture of complex machining surface based on mathematics mechanization

l        Simulation and test of laser rapid prototyping temperature field

l        Complex surface machining theory

l        Five-axis NC machining method of locating-free and non-rigid complex sculpture surface

l        Tool path planning method of five-axis NC machining

l        High-performance laser peening equipment

l        Polishing technology and system of die surface

l        Aluminum alloy vacuum electron bean welding technique

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