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Robotics Laboratory aims to study robotic technologies and systems to meet the demands of China's economic and social development, national security and major scientific projects. It mainly carries out R&D on the robotic system with perception, intelligence and mobility, focuses on the research of basic theories of robot, enabling technologies, system integration and applications, prototype systems and pilot demonstration.

Cultivating top-grade talents is one of the laboratory’s important objectives. So far, its long-term efforts in this aspect have paid off, witnessing the grow-up of a group of R&D professionals in robotics, headed by academicians and supported by young and middle-aged researchers who are vigorous, active, collaborative and innovative. The laboratory has trained high quality professionals for related research units and enterprises.

The laboratory persists in the opening-up policy to attract domestic and foreign experts and scholars to carry out research exchanges and cooperation. Cooperative relationships have been established with many robotics research institutions both at home and abroad, including universities, research institutes, well-known research teams and enterprises. 

Main Research Areas

l         Research on the basic issues in autonomous behavior capability of UMS

l         Theory of Robotic Nano Manipulation and its implementation.

l         Micro/Nano Robotics for Biomedical Application

l         Aerial search and rescue robot

l         Research on key technology and system of polar ice surface exploration mobile robot

l         Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot

l         Amphibious reconfigurable robot research

l         Robot system for planetary exploration

l         High-speed visual odometer methods for field robot


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