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Reports on Hadal Trenches Creature Studies
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Wang Yong, researcher from Sanya Institute of Deep-sea Science and EngineeringSIDSSE, CAS

Recruited by Hundred Talents Program of SIDSSE ,CAS

He Lisheng, researcher from Sanya Institute of Deep-sea Science and Engineering, CAS

Recruited by Hundred Talents Program of SIDSSE ,CAS


Structure and chemo metabolic method of microbial community in Hadal trenches

Prospect on ecology and evolution research of Hadal trenches animals

Time: 09:00-11:40AM, March 14th 2014


Conference Room, Building R, Shenyang Institute of Automation, CAS


Hadal trenches refer to the trench areas with a depth of more than 6000 meters. Despite the fact that Hadal trenches take up about one to two percent of the global sea area, they represent 45% of the depth range of sea bottom and play a very important role in ocean ecological system. Over the past half a century, researchers have taken the first steps to find out distinctive life, environment and geology in Hadal trenches. Research shows that, large amount of bizarre creatures inhabit in the trench environment and demonstrate evident region specificity, which is contrary to the initial conception that Hadal trenches lack in creatures.

However, researches on trench creatures haven’t been conducted systematically, due to limitations in technical conditions. These reports will talk about the creatures research demand for Hadal trenches science , which will lead the development of deep-sea technology and equipment.

Welcome to attend!



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