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High-speed Robot Eyes Make Innovative Applications
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Prof. Idaku Ishii; Director of Robotics Laboratory; Hiroshima University in Japan;


Title: High-speed Robot Eyes Make Innovative Applications

Time: 09:30-11:00AM, November 29th 2013


408, 4th Floor, Building R, Shenyang Institute of Automation, CAS


Most of the conventional robot vision technologies involving video signals (NTSC 30fps) are designed based on the characteristics of the human eye. Similarly, the processing speed is limited to the same or a lower level as compared to the human eye. In various application fields, there is a growing demand for image-processing technology, which facilitates the real-time recognition of high-speed phenomena that cannot be recognized by the human eye. In this presentation, we introduce a high-speed robot vision system as one of hyper human technologies for real-time video processing and recording at a high-speed frame rate such as 1000 fps. The core technology of the ultra fast robot vision technology initiative is introduced together with the applications of this system in the fields of robotics, multimedia, biomedicine, etc.

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