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Professor Imad H. Elhajj from American University of Beirut visited SIA
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Upon the invitation of Professor Lianqing LIU, director of the Robotics Department, Professor Imad H. Elhajj from American University of Beirut visited Shenyang Institute of Automation, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and made a report on Vision and Robotics La Connecting Humans, Robots, and Networks.

In his report, Professor Elhajj introduced the connection among human being, robot and network, and discussed on how robot can better understand the directions of human beings, and how to better achieve human-robot interaction, based on the research of the Vision and Robotics Lab. He also made in-depth exchange with researchers and graduate students of SIA.

Elhajj currently serves as Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, American University of Beirut. He was the former Chairman of IEEE Lebanon Section. His research interests include robotic technology, network technology and human-robot integration technology.


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