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Paper of Micro-nano research group of SIA received the best student paper award of 3M-NANO
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Recently, the 5th International Conference on Manipulation, Manufacture and Measurement on the Nanoscale (3M-NANO), showing the most cutting-edge research results in these areas, was held in Changchun, gathering more than 200 scientists engaged in measurement, manipulation and manufacture on the nanoscale. The paper, entitled A Bio-syncretic Micro-swimmer Assisted by Magnetism and written by Dr Zhang Chuang et al, from micro-nano robotic research group of Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), received the best student paper award.

The combination of living and traditional robots, which forms a new robot research route with high energy efficiency and intrinsic safety and initially realizes controlled motion of robots based on the combination of the route and magnetic control, is proposed in the paper written by micro-nano research group. The conference report is given attention and a heated discussion from participants, showing the influence of SIA in the original academic direction, due to the creativity and importance of the work.

Source: Robotics Laboratory

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