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Professor Dai Jiansheng from King’s College London visited SIA
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Yu Haibin, director of SIA awarded the "Robotic Frontier Academic Forum" certificate to Professor Dai Jiansheng


Upon the invitation of Space Laboratory of Automation from Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Professor Dai Jiansheng from King's College London visited the SIA and made an academic report at “Academic Forum of Robot Frontier” on June 30th 2015.  

Yu Haibin, director of SIA and, Liang Bo, deputy director of SIA, Wang Hongguang deputy director of Space Automation Technology Laboratory, etc, attended the academic report. Yu Haibin awarded Professor Dai Jiansheng the “Robot Frontier Academic Forum” certificate.

Dai Jiansheng made an academic report named Research View and Academic Promotion and began it with a brief introduction of King's College London in his report. He talked about how to do interdisciplinary scientific research based on his own research experience and shared the methods and experiences of writing scientific papers. Inspired by origami art, Dai Jiansheng proposed metamorphic mechanism for the first time and introduced the developed metamorphic manipulator and metamorphic crawling robot. Also, he reported the application of screw theory in the field of robot mechanism and introduced his mathematical literatureScrew Algebra and Lie groupLie algebra as well as the robotic literature Foundations of Geometry and Screw Algebra of Mechanism and Robotics.

After the report, Dai Jiansheng and his companies visited the State Key Laboratory of Robotics and SIASUN Robot & Automation Co., Ltd, besides, he and related personnel discussed in-depth about strengthening future cooperation and etc. of both sides.

Dai Jiansheng is the Chair Professor of Mechanism and Robotics in King's College London and the director of Center of Modern Mechanism and Robotics at Tianjin University. Now he is the “National Distinguished Experts” and the national “Thousand Talents Program” experts, the Chair Professor of “Changjiang Scholars” Award Plan of Ministry of Education and the Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) as well as the Fellow of Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the chartered lifelong engineer of British royal charter. Dai Jiansheng has long been engaged in the basic theory and application research of mechanism and robotics and he is the founder of concept and design theory of “metamorphic mechanism”. Moreover, he made important contributions to the research of screw theory and obtained the Lifetime Achievement Award of mechanism and robotics at 2015 ASME.

Source: Center for Space Automation Technology


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