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Medical informatics expert Wang Dayu visited SIA
Author: Update times: 2015-06-26                          | Print | Close | Text Size: A A A

At the invitation of Researcher Zheng Zeyu from Shenyang Institute of Automation(SIA), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr. Wang Dayu, the expert in the field of medical informatics, visited SIA on June 8. Dr. Wang made a report entitled “Data analysis, machine learning and personalized medicine” for the staff and graduate students of Big Data Analytics group.

In his report, Wang Dayu presented the asymmetric information problems between doctors and patients. He also proposed the concept on Idealized diagnosis based on patients ’full time signs, illness and living information. What’s more, he recalled the international advanced electronic medical record treatment, the construction of medical terminology system and its application cases.

After the report, Dr. Wang and members of big data group discussed the techniques on big data analysis and processing of personalized healthcare, Digital Diagnoses based on TCM theory. They also reached a consensus in the case of medical data sharing and further cooperation in research.

Wang Dayu was PhD Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Chinese Academy Postdoctoral, a former vice president of the non-energy US, director of Xi'an-US Electric Industry Company, Swiss Executive Director Renee Epps, and now works at Microsoft (China) Co.

His research interests include: personalized healthcare and difficult Disease Research based on big data, Knowledge management and personalized education supported by discovery technology, the establishment of prestigious universities around the world and the company's network of contacts. And he has more than ten years of extensive research experience in many fields such as data analysis, natural language processing, and information retrieval.

Source: Digital Factory Department

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