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Researcher of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution visited SIA
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Upon the invitation of Underwater Vehicle Laboratory of Shenyang Institute of automation (SIA), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Lin Jian, deputy director of South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, distinguished research fellow, senior researcher of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, visited the institute On April 28, During his visit, Lin Jian made an academic report entitled The frontier and Prospect of the international deep sea science and technology at the Robotic Frontier Academic Forum.

In the report, Linjian introduced the demands of marine scientists for deep sea research, and expressed the hope of conducting joint survey of Pacific and Indian Ocean Using advanced technology means, such as Deep-sea unmanned robots, manned submersible, long-term ocean observation technology and a variety of sensors.

After the report, researchers from Underwater Vehicle Laboratory of SIA introduced to Linjian scientific research results of marine observation technology of the institute,  and also conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on how to use underwater robotics as a platform, combining with the needs of marine scientists, jointly exploring new mode of deep earth and life sciences research, and promoting the development of international deep-sea research.

Linjian is a marine geophysicist, graduated from Geophysics in 1982, University of science and technology of China, getting Guo Moruo scholarships and medals. He respectively received geophysics master, Ph.D. at Brown University in 1984 and 1988. Since 1988, he held scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the United States, and won US Kaerbibo Foundation Young Scientist Award at the same year. Linjian once held the first visiting scientist at California earthquake research center of the U.S. science foundation, the visiting scholar of U.S. Geological Survey, and the president of the Organization of InterRidge. He was elected to the Fellow Geological Society of America in 2007, and the fellow of American Association for Advancement of Sciences in 2008, and was awarded the eminent oceanographer Professor of the Henry - Bigelow in 2009.

Source: Underwater Vehicle Laboratory

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