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Professor Michael Pecht from University of Maryland visited SIA
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Upon the invitation of Xu Aidong, researcher from Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Michael Pecht, professor from University of Maryland, visited the institute on March 12, 2015.

In his series of speech, including Prognostics and Systems Health Management within the Internet of ThingsResearch To Address No-Fault Founds, Pecht introduced his latest research progress in digital system failure prediction and data analysis and internet of things, etc. During his visit, Pecht also made technological exchanges with researchers and postgraduate students, and expressed interest in jointly conducting research on state monitoring device based on wireless sensor networkintermittent faults of digital device with the institute.

Pecht is a world-known expert in digital products system reliability and risk evaluation, failure prediction and health management, and choice and management of digital parts. He was granted the CAS President’s International Fellowship for Distinguished Scientists this year.

Pecht is the founder and Director of CALCE (Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering) at the University of Maryland, which is funded by over 150 of the world’s leading electronics companies at more than US$6M/year. He is also a Chair Professor in Mechanical Engineering and a Professor in Applied Mathematics at the University of Maryland. He has written more than twenty books on product reliability, development, use and supply chain management and over 400 technical articles. He has also written a series of books of the electronics industry in China, Korea, Japan and India. He consults for 22 major international electronics companies, providing expertise in strategic planning, design, test, prognostics, IP and risk assessment of products and systems.

Source: Industrial Control Network and Systems Department

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