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Professor Didier Theilliol from University of Lorraine Awarded CAS Visiting Professor in SIA
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 Sang Zigang, vice director of SIA (right), conferred the CAS Visiting Professor Certificate on Prof. Didier Theilliol (left). (Image/SIA)

Professor Didier Theilliol from University of Lorraine visited Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on September 19, 2012, giving a report named “Model-based Fault Tolerant Control Methods Design: From Theory to Applications”. During the visit, Prof. Theilliol was awarded CAS Visiting Professorships for Senior International Scientists (CAS Visiting Professor). Sang Zigang, vice director of SIA attended the ceremony and conferred the CAS Visiting Professor certificate to Prof. Theilliol. In the coming year, Prof. Theilliol will co-work with SIA’s rotorcraft UAVs project team to conduct research on flight control and fault tolerant control.

In his report, Prof. Theilliol introduced the development background and related theories of fault tolerant control, and briefly illustrated the design method and application of fault-tolerant controller through examples. After the report, he made exchanges with researchers and graduate students of SIA, and visited the State Key Laboratory of Robotics.

Prof. Theilliol received the Ph.D. degree in Control Engineering from the Nancy-University (France) in 1993. Since September 2004, he is a full professor of Control Engineering at University of Lorraine, France, where he coordinates and leads national, European and international R&D projects in steel industries, wastewater treatment plant and aerospace domain. His current research interest include model-based fault diagnosis (FDI) method synthesis and active fault-tolerant control (FTC) system design for LTI, LPV, Multi-linear systems and also reliability analysis. He is a member of the Intelligent Control and Diagnosis (ICD) steering committee of the German-French Institute for Automation and Robotics since 2006 and has chaired a series of conferences and workshops on fault tolerant control systems in Europe. Prof. Theilliol has published over 150 journal or conference papers. He also serves as Associate Editor of ISA Transactions, Associate Editor of Unmanned Systems.  (Dai Tianjiao)


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