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"General technology platform of flying robot for public safety" of 863 Program project passed the technical acceptance
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Experts discussed at the meeting. (Image provided by SIA)


Recently, the project General technology platform of flying robot for public safety, undertaken by Shenyang Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences , successfully passed the technical acceptance organized by Ministry of Science and High Technology Center. Expert group heard the acceptance report, and watched the demonstration and video display at the acceptance meeting. Through the experts’ inquiry and discussion, it was believed that the research content of the contract task was completed, meeting the requirements of specifications.

In order to meet the special requirements of disaster sites such as fire, earthquake and operation tasks, the research group developed the autonomous flight control system based on visual navigation and GPS, realizing the system's full autonomous flight, and the stationing accuracy error was less than 0.2 meters. The research group developed a visual identification system based on images for the identification of specific target, breaking key technologies, including the target position estimation based on multisensors, locking and tracking of dynamic objects, etc. Grasping and fixed-point delivery of specific dynamic objects in autonomous mode was completed with these technologies, and the technologies were of great significance to applications such as seaborne supplies, delivery of emergency supplies in disaster area, accurate delivery of fire-extinguishing bullets during the fire, etc.

For public safety and rescue, the research group had carried out a large number of demonstration applications in the aspects of earthquake rescue, fault inspection of transmission line, public security and fire. 6 patents of the subject were applied, and "autonomous flight control system of the mini unmanned helicopter" was awarded "the 15^th China Patent award". 7 high-level academic papers were published. In addition, the research group and Shanghai Fire Research Institute of MPS jointly prepared the general specification of fire robot (the draft).

Relevant results and technologies also received many awards in many areas. "UAV line inspection and erection system" was awarded the first prize of 2012 Liaoning progress prize in scientific. "UAV accurate pesticide system" won the 2013 "Houji special award" of the 12th China Agricultural Hi-Tech Fair (CAF). "rotor UAV line automatic inspection system" was awarded the third prize of 2013 China power progress prize in scientific. "development and application of autonomous UAV system" won 2014 Ten innovations in Liaoning. SourceRobotics Laboratory

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