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The “Robot Disposing of Deepwater Oil Spill Accident” Jointly Developed by Shenyang Institute of Automation and Other Units Passed the Acceptance and Results Identification
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Experts reviewing materials (Image provided by SIA)


The national science and technology support program "deep water oil-spill accident disposal robot development” jointly undertaken by Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and several organizations, passed the project acceptance and achievement identification organized by the Technology Division, the Ministry of Transport, On April 27.


The project taking deepwater wreck deposit oil extraction based on unmanned underwater robot as the goal solved the underwater drilling and pumping integration and coordinated operation issue between robot under large load and strong disturbance and drilling pumping integration equipment with the function of holding stable attitude in underwater visualized monitoring measurement system and other key technologies, which developed visualized unmanned work system of the deepwater wreck drilling pumping oil and carried out experimental verification.


The experts reviewed the related materials, watched the videos of field test and agreed that the collaborative operation scheme raised in the project between underwater robot and drilling pumping oil integration equipment as well as the developed visualized unmanned work system of deepwater wreck drilling pumping oil had the innovation and its overall technology reached the international advanced level, besides, research results would promote the significant progress of China's deepwater wreck disposal technology.

Source: Underwater Robot Research Laboratory

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