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Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts
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“Talent is the primary resource and a strategic resource for a nation’s development”. In a bid to attract more high-level foreign experts to participate in China’s modernization drive and further deepen the implementation of China’s strategy of revitalizing the nation through human resources development, the Central Government of China has established a working platform for high-caliber foreign experts and implemented the subproject of “Recruitment Program of Global Experts” focusing on high-level foreign experts (also known as “Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts”, specially for foreign experts of not Chinese ancestry). The program is implemented by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (hereafter referred to as SAFEA) under the supervision of the Working Group on High-Level Overseas Talents Introduction (hereafter referred to as “the Working Group”).

The “Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts” aims to introduce in five hundred to a thousand high-level foreign experts over a ten-year period, or fifty to a hundred a year, to cope with the demand for high-level expertise in the key sectors of China’s socio-economic development. A strong emphasis is placed on the introduction of a number of strategic scientists, leading experts in science and technology, and internationalized innovative teams who are capable of achieving critical technological breakthroughs, advancing the high-tech industries, and promoting new disciplines.

Experts introduced under the “Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts” are entitled to preferential policies and treatment in entry and exit, residency, medical care, insurance, housing, taxation, and remuneration. The Central Budget offers a one-off subsidy of 1 million RMB (about 157,400 USD) to each expert recruited on a long-term basis under the “Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts”. In addition, a total amount of 3 to 5 million RMB research subsidies shall be granted, upon the demand from the employer, to foreign experts engaged in scientific research, fundamental research in particular. Considering the foreign experts’ length of service in China, SAFEA will also provide certain amount of subsidies to improve their medical care and pension condition. Foreign experts working on long-term projects under the “Recruitment Program of Foreign Experts” will be granted the honorary title of “National Distinguished Expert”, and those who make outstanding contribution will be granted the Friendship Award by the Chinese Government.


Qualifications for Applicants:

The applicant shall, in principle, have received his doctorate degree from an overseas institution and be able to work in China for three consecutive years with at least nine months in China every year. The applicant shall be under 65 years of age and shall meet one of the following criteria:

(I)  Being an expert or scholar with full professorship or the equivalent in a prestigious foreign universities or R&D institutes;

(II)  Being a technical or managerial professional at a senior position in internationally well-known company or financial institution;

(III) Being an entrepreneur holding proprietary intellectual property right or key technologies, possessing overseas entrepreneurial experience, and well-versed in the related industry and international rules;

(IV) Being a professional with entrepreneurial or innovative expertise urgently needed by the State.


Application Procedures

The prospective domestic employer (non-foreign funded) may file an application with the Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of the province, autonomous region or municipality where the employer is located. With approval from the Organization Department of the province, autonomous region or municipality, the application shall be forwarded to SAFEA.


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