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1. Apply requirements

   (1), Having a doctorate, researching for more than 5 years;

   (2), Under 45 years old;

   (3), Domestic scientific and technological scientists with associate researchers or associate professors at least, and foreign experts with assistant professor titles at least.

2. Ability

   Having great ability of doing basic theoretical research and breaking through significant technical problems, having organized or participated in a major research project and achieved certain achievements.

3. Duration of work

   Generally lasting from 3 months to 1 year, could be extended to no more than 2 years after approval by the Bureau of personnel and education if needed.

4. The station


Research Fields

Number needed

Underwater Robotics Department

Intelligent Underwater Robots Theory and System


Industrial  InformaticsDepartment

Industrial wireless sensor networks
Advanced control methods of process manufacturing
Intelligent measurement and analysis of industrial parameters
Swarm intelligence
RFID and management


 Application Procedures of visiting scientists:

   1, Applicants should fill out the” Application Form of visiting scientists in Chinese Academy of Sciences” and related materials, then “Visiting Scientists Trial council” will discuss and determine the funds, and finally it will be reported to the academy.

   2, Deadline of the Application: March 15 in the first half of the year, October 15 in the second half of the year.

   3, The application will be accepted by Chinese Academy of Sciences before the end of October every year.

   If you are Interested in it, please provide us with your resume, the directory and the citations of your papers, and 5 representative papers. 


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