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Hundred Talents Program
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1, The basic requirements:

   (1) Foreign Talents

   Citizens of Chinese nationality, experts who are willing to settle down in China, or talents that waive their foreign nationalities. Meanwhile, they also need to meet the following basic requirements:

1.    Having a doctorate;

2.    Doing research overseas for 4 consecutive years after receiving his PhD, generally should obtain an assistant professor title or some titles above or equivalent to assistant professor in foreign countries;

3.    Taking charge of a project independently or participating in the whole process of a project and making remarkable achievements as a main backbone;

4.    Having considerable impact in corresponding academia in China or even abroad, being able to master the direction of development in his field with long-term strategic thinking, and leading a team to do research in the forefront of international science and making innovations achieving international levels;

5.    Having great academic attainments, having made academic achievements of international level, having published numerous influential papers on important journals, mastering the key technology and having significant inventions and patents, being enough profound to act as academic leaders;

6.    Obeying scientific ethics, being honest and strict, respecting others, being dedicated to work for Chinese science and technology development and national economic construction

   (2) Talents in domestic universities and research institutes

   The talents should be young backbones with senior titles.


For each recuited outstanding overseas and domestic expert, and those introduced by project support, SIA will provide at least 700,000 RMB (about 110,180 USD) for research starting funds; 100,000 RMB (about 15,740 USD) to each expert under the "Thousand Young Talents Program" for initial cost; at least 2 million RMB (about 314,800 USD) funds for each outstanding expert recruited.

CAS will pay 2 million RMB (about 314,800 USD) to each recruited outstanding overseas expert for research subsidies, and 600,000 RMB (about 94,500 USD) for initial cost; 1.5 million (about 236,250 USD) research subsidies for each recruited outstanding domestic expert. For those introduced by project support (overseas and domestic), CAS will pay at least 2 million RMB (about 314,800 USD) for research subsidies; 600,000 RMB (about 94,500 USD) to each expert under the "National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars".


2, Job Opportunities:


Research Fields

Number needed

Robotics Laboratory

Micro/Nano Robotics
Autonomous behavior theory approach in robots
Humanoid Robots


Underwater Robotics Department

Intelligent Underwater Robot Technology and System


Industrial Informatics Department

Industrial wireless sensor networks


Automation Systems Department

Equipments for new energy sources、medical equipments and corresponding control systems


Advanced Equipment Department

Technology and equipments of manufacturing with laser


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