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Thousand Talents Program
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1, The basic requirements: 

 "Thousand Talents Program” invites talents who obtain doctor's degree from overseas, and in principle shouldn’t be more than 55 years old. After the introduction they should work generally no less than 6 months in China each year, and meet one of the following requirements: Experts that are equivalent to professors in the famous foreign universities or research institutes; Talents who are accomplished in technology and management and hold senior titles in well-known international companies or financial institutions; Talents that own independent intellectual property rights, master the core technology, possess experience in managing their own businesses overseas, be proficient in relevant industries and international rules, or high-level talents that are urgently needed in other categories.

According to different features of the creative talents and incubative talents and the specific needs of different career platforms, the proposed introduced talents should also meet other corresponding requirements. For example, first, the talents should have independent intellectual property rights and patents, and their technology is internationally advanced, able to fill the blank, has market potential and can be produced industrially; second, the talents should have overseas incubation experience, or rank middle or senior management positions in internationally well-known enterprises for more than 3 years, be familiar with relevant fields and international rules, and own management ability; third, talents’ own funds(including technology shares) or overseas risk investment should accounted for more than 50% of the incubative capital.

The each recruited expert will get 3 million RMB (about 472, 200 USD) for startng funds and 1 million RMB (about 157,400 USD) for settling-in allowance by CAS, and another supporting funds by SIA.


2, Job opportunities: 


The station

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Research Fields



Industrial Informatics Department

Industry Wireless and Sensor Networks


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