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ROBIO 2004 held in Shenyang
Update time: 2004-09-06
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The 2004 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO 2004) was successfully held in Shenyang, the Capital of Liaoning Province, China, and the co-sponsors are Shenyang Institute of Automation and the Administrative Committee of Shenyang National New and High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The conference lasts 5 days, from August 22 to 26.
This inaugural conference on Robotics and Biomimetics focus on bringing experts across the world in the areas of ROBOTICS, which encompasses control, automation, intelligent systems, micro/nano robotics, and BIOMIMETICS, which includes bio-mimicking systems from meter-scale down to nano-scale such as humanoid robots and cell-biomimetry, to disseminate and discuss new scientific and technical findings in these fields. The theme of the conference is “Robotics and Biomimetics: New Frontiers in the 21st Century”, which reflects the vision of the conference to bring forth the merging of these two very important and related technical areas.

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